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12 November 1932

Curtis Anderson, the warden’s chief assistant, signed John Coffey’s Date Of Execution (DOE) papers.  [The Green Mile]

12 November 1947

A search party began looking for Delbert McCready, who went hunting in Haven’s Big Injun Woods two days earlier. About a week later, they found him when he followed Preston Stream out of the woods. In 1952, still the town laughingstock, he moved to East Eddington, ME, where he started a small engine-repair facility.  [The Tommyknockers]

12 November 1970

The Castle Rock Strangler strangled then raped Alma Frechette, his first victim, on the Castle Rock Park bandstand. They had dated a couple of times.  [The Dead Zone]

12 November 1972

Frank Dodd raped and strangled Ann Simons in Colorado. He and Tom Harrison were taking a Rural Law Enforcement Class at the University of Colorado at Pueblo.  [The Dead Zone]

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