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1 December 1978

1:25 a.m.: After the Jackson Browne concert, Moochie Welch walked along JFK Drive toward Vandenberg’s Happy Gas to ask Buddy Repperton for a ride home. Christine and the dead Roland LeBay ran down Welch, their first victim, breaking his back and knocking him out of his boots. They ran over him repeatedly; his remains had to be scraped up with a shovel. Christine suffered a bloodied hood, broken headlight, broken muffler, dented bumper, and a dented grill. She repaired herself while returning to Darnell’s Garage. Later, the FBI laboratory in Washington, DC, determined paint from Welch’s body was Autumn Red—one of Christine’s colors. Pennsylvania State Police Detective Rudy Junkins talked with Leigh Cabot, Arnie Cunningham, and Michael Cunningham about Moochie’s death.

“PETER WELCH, VICTIM OF FATAL HIT-AND-RUN INCIDENT THAT POLICE FEEL MAY HAVE BEEN MURDER” appeared in the morning Libertyville Keystone.  [Christine]

1 December 1980

the December issue (volume 76, #6) of Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, with “The Wedding Gig” (collected in Skeleton Crew), published

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1 December 1996

Desperation dropped to number 8 on The New York Times Fiction Best Seller List, its eighth week on the List.

Richard Bachman’s The Regulators dropped to number 13, its eighth week on the List.

And more in Bumpty-Bumpty-Bump! Mmm, lots more.